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Longplain Solista and a Bouncy/Streak puppy

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Litter born Dec. 9 2004, by U-CH Longplain Saltus ex Longplain Telesis
   Videos featuring these black puppies playing with Longplain Solista (yellow, about a month older):
   Fetch This! Quicktime (1.3mb) or Windows Media Player (267k)
   Happy puppies  Quicktime (1.3mb) or Windows Media Player (263k)
   Running puppies  Quicktime (958k) or Windows Media Player (206k)
   Already gate-trained!  Quicktime (630k) or Windows Media Player (139k)
One of the most important things a dog must learn is to never cross a boundary without permission. A dog that barges out the door may dash into the street and get hit by a car, knock down and injure an older person or someone carrying a child, etc. Hence the first thing I teach puppies is that they must respect the boundary represented by a gate. Here these 10-week-old puppies demonstrate that even though they are eager to come out and play, they know that they must "wait" until they are told "okay".

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