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Timber Tick, CD  1948 ylw
(finished 6-50) Nearly all early titled yellows came  primarily from midwestern gundog breeding. This dog is one of the rare exceptions. However, note the tie-in on his dam's side to Tad of WhitmoreTim of Worsted Skeynes, and Argus Leader.

Lincoln Jock CDX
1946 blk
finished CD 2-49
finished CDX 4-49
CH Wardwyn Whiskers
1944 blk (By)
CH Earlsmoor Moor of Arden***
1937 blk (By)
CH Raffles of Earlsmoor***
1931 blk (Scot.)
FTC Decoy of Arden
1933 blk
CH Buddha of Arden***
1941 blk (probably Bc)
3 Open points
Fife of Kennoway
1937 blk (Bc)
Pitch of Arden
1937 blk (probably By)
Bantry Judith
1937 blk
Bantry Banker
1934 blk
CH Banchory Trump of Wingan
1931 blk (Eng.)
Polly Prim
1931 blk (By)
1934 blk
(not "Bantry Baroness")
FTC Banchory Night Light
1932 blk (prob.Bc)(Eng.)
1928 blk (Eng.)
Princess Pat
1944 blk
CH The Goose Hunter's Nigger Boy
1939 blk
one of the most prominent sires of his era (at least 29 litters). Sire of CH Uneva Soot UDT
CH Bancstone Buck***
1936 blk
CH Bancstone Ben of Wingan
1933 blk
CH Banchory Jetsam
1932 blk (Eng.)
sister to FTC Banchory Night Light
1937 blk
Tad of Whitmore
1930 blk (Eng.)
Chlandra's Hope
At'c Honey
1942 blk (Byc)
CH Black Buccaneer
1939 blk
another prominent sire in the midwest
. One of 5 CHs from this breeding.
CH Banchory Trump of Wingan
1931 blk (Eng.)
CH Bancstone Lorna of Wingan
1933 blk
Lady Vi Okoboji
1938 blk (By or Byc)
Argus Leader
1937 gldn (prob. Yc)
Queen of Okoboji
blk   (by Tim of Worsted Skeynes)



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