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Satan III ***

11-10-1948 - 9-20-1964 -- Yellow
Open 1st, 6 1/2 Open points
An important yellow sire in the northwestern U.S.,
from some of the strongest foundation bloodlines for working dogs.
3/4 brother to CH Lornajean

Duke of Coos*
1947 blk
L'Ile Benjamin*
1944 blk (Eng.)
FTCH L'Ile Game Boy
L'Ile Cracker Jack
L'Ile Fanny Atkins
Cora of Ethie Eng.Dual CH Banchory Painter
1930 blk
Berrycourt Jill
Lulu Belle of Avandale
1946 blk (Can.)
Irish FTCH Chief of Oldbridge
1939 blk (Eire to Can.)
Irish FTCH Oldbridge Bob
1928 blk
Int.FTCH Glenravel Tryst
1936 blk
Chevrier's Red Dolly
1944 gldn (U.S.)
Argus Leader
1937 gldn
Kellogg's Dolly
Trevrchamp Lonnie
1946 blk
FTC Gabriel of Cram
1940 blk
The single most popular sire
among knowledgeable breeders in the early 1940s.
Eng.CH Bannrigg Banner**
1935 blk (Eng.)
Eng.CH Towyriver Don
1933 blk
Venus of Barbon
Cram's Lonnie
1938 blk
CH Banchory Trump of Wingan
1931 blk (Eng.)
CH Bancstone Lorna of Wingan
1933 blk
Streako Ink
1938 blk
(sometimes mistakenly
shown as "Steka Ink")
Tim of Worsted Skeynes*
1930 blk
bro. FTC Nigger of Barrington
Fresco Smut
1922 blk (Eng.)
Kitty of Barrington
1927 blk
Inky Miss
1935 blk
Ace of Whitmore
sire of Dual CH Michael of Glenmere
Dinah of Okanagan
1934 blk

CH Lornajean Coke-Hi
1948 blk
Major of Holly Hill
(not in stud book)
Lulu Belle of Avandale
1946 blk (Can.)
Trevrchamp Lonnie
1946 blk
FTC Gabriel of Cram
1940 blk
Streako Ink
1938 blk


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