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'55 NFC-AFTC-CFTC Cork of Oakwood Lane

1951 -- black

The pedigree in general circulation and commonly published in breed reference books for this famous dog is wrong, as is readily discovered merely by tracing it in the AKC Stud Books. Primarily, the breeding usually shown for Kingdale's Belle is both incorrect and impossible! This is Cork's correct pedigree.

Coastal Charger of Deer Creek
1946 blk

brother to (1947):
CH St.Jones' Blackie
  5½ Open pts.
  12½ Amtr pts.
FTCH Dolobran's Little Ash

Am.Can. Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek
1943 blk
probably pure for black

Eng.Am. FTCH Hiwood Mike
1935 blk (Eng.)
Altho usually regarded as a major sire, he only produced 7 litters in the U.S.
Pettistree Dan
Pettistree Poppet
FTC Tar of Arden
1937 blk
one yellow littermate
Hiwood Risk
1930 blk (Eng.)
Peggy of Shipton
1927 blk (Eng.)
Marvadel Cinders***
1939 blk
CH Raffles of Earlsmoor
1931 blk (Scot.)
An influential dog who sired only 6 litters. Probably pure for black.
Thatch of Whitmore
Task of Whitmore
Marvadel Topsy
1936 blk
Ledgelands' Donne
1934 blk
by Hiwood Risk
Solwyn Duchess
1933 blk (Scot.)
Akona Liza Jane of Kingdale
1948 blk
Dual CH Bracken's Sweep
1943 blk
pure for black
Glenhead Sweep
blk (Eng. to Canada)
Banchory Benhmore
Glenhead Biddy
CFTC Bracken of Timber Town
1940 blk
FTC Timber Town Clansman
1936 blk
1938 blk
Kingdale's Belle
1942 blk
2 yellow littermates
Tar of York
1940 blk
Trader Horn
Bancstone Dinah
1939 blk
Jet of Runymeade
1939 blk
King W.
Queen Kole


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