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If you have a Longplain-bred dog that's working in the field, tell me about it and I'll add your dog to this section!!

Longplain Destry
(GRCH Longplain Vortex ex Longplain Event Horizon)
2006-2007 hunting season

Wallace and Ty write: Here is a picture of Destry. My son Ty and I took him to Mendota duck hunting this past Saturday. We just wanted to give him some experience being out in the field so we went for an afternoon shoot. We didn't expect many if any shots at ducks and thought we would just let him experience the sights, sounds and smells of being out in the field duck hunting for the first time with few people around and a big pond all to ourselves. We had a fun day with him training with a coot. Later in the day we got a Gadwall drake and a Mallard hen. Destry was terrific. He was in his element wading and swimming. He retrieved the Gadwall like he had been doing it for years. I wing shot/crippled the Mallard hen and it fell into some thick tules. He charged right into the tules and found the hen, brought it back to my hand.

Thought you would enjoy hearing how well one of your pups is already doing at only 7 months.

Destry is a litter brother to Longplain Singularity.

Longplain Destry

Longplain Destry Wallace, Ty, and Destry (here 9 months old) continued the 2006-2007 season in fine style:

Destry's first trip to Kesterson. Ty shot this teal at Sprig Lake. Destry made a great long retrieve from the dog stand of a stand up blind. His first time in a stand up blind with a dog stand and he knew exactly where to go.

Longplain Destry Destry's first goose trip at the Wister Unit. We didn't get shots at any snow geese but the guys in the blind next to us crippled a snow that landed in our pond. Sent Destry out and he chased it down and brought it back to hand. He had no problem picking up a mature crippled snow at 9 months. We walked it over to the guys in the blind that shot it. Only wish we had a picture of him holding that big snow goose. He did retrieve the banded sprig that Ty shot on this trip. His first banded bird.

Longplain Destry

Destry did this all himself.
No birds in the afternoon at Wister.
Destry thought he needed better camo.

Longplain Destry

A slow late morning at Wister, so Destry got work in getting started on hand signals.

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