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UKC Best In Show CH Longplain Tessera, at 8 months
UKC Best In Show GRCH Longplain Tessera, at 8 months
UKC #4 Labrador for 2008

Longplain Kennels, Reg'd.

Home of 56 UKC Champions
(all bred by us, from 100% working lines)
UKC Best In Show
GRCH Longplain Tessera 

2008 UKC # 4 Lab

UKC Reserve Best In Show
GRCH Longplain Sirius

UKC Reserve Best In Show
U-CH Longplain Cavus 

Longplain Champions

I'm Ky Moffet -- professional dog trainer and breeder of old-style working Labrador Retrievers (over 50 years in dogs, and 14 generations of my own bloodline to date). Follow the photo links above to find pictures, pedigrees, and details about our Labs.

If you're interested in a good black or yellow puppy as a hunting companion, contact me directly at Longplain Kennels Reg'd and we'll talk more about it.

If you'd like to be notified when we have puppies available, you can subscribe to our automated mailing list. (Do not send correspondence to the mailing list -- use the link above instead.)

Longplain Amarillo HunterNews, Achievements, and links to hunting stories. If your Longplain-bred dog does something interesting, let us know and we'll include it here! updated  04.06.08

QuickList of Pedigrees  updated 12.31.04

QuickList of Photos  updated 12.31.04

Recommended Trainers and Veterinarians in southern California, and a few elsewhere. updated 10.10.10

Puppy Care -- vaccination schedule, parasite control, and diet.

If you find this site useful, or if you wish to contribute toward our Labs' upkeep or show careers, please feel free to donate any amount via Paypal. We thank you and our Labs thank you!

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Longplain Kennels, Reg'd
Old-fashioned classic Labs since 1969
Ky Moffet

E-mail: Longplain Kennels Reg'd



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